Participants for ADHD research needed

I am recruiting participants to a study which is investigating the usefulness of a computer program for drivers with ADHD or Autism which will potentially contribute to the prevention of road trauma.  At the end of the study participants will receive a $50 Coles/ Myer Gift Card.  Watch the YouTube clip to find out more about the research.

Participant information statement – please note that the total amount of time you will need to participate in this research will be approximately 4-6 hours (over two sessions) depending on the group you are in.


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Driving with ADHD or Autism

Increased crash involvement and traffic violations

There is evidence that being a young driver and a person diagnosed with ADHD increases the risk for crash involvement and traffic violations. The persistence of ADHD symptoms into adulthood is common.  ADHD can therefore have a continuing negative effect on driving, which puts this group at higher risk of road traffic injuries.  If you are worried about your driving or about someone you know driving, talk to a doctor about your concerns.